iThemes Security Pro is a paid plugin that WVNET provides for all k12 websites.

Features:  30 + ways to protect your WordPress site.

  • Use a strong password with the help of a password manager. 
    • Long, random and unique 
    • LastPass, 1Password, Dashlane (Password saving software)
  • Two-Factor ALL THE THINGS
    • Verify person identity with 2 methods of verification 
  • Regularly change your WordPress salts. 
    • Manually change security keys in the wp-config.pnp file 
    • Use a plugin to change WordPress salts.  Such as iThemes security 
  • Use secure file permissions. Read, write and execute files on the server 
  • Use sFTP whenever possible. 
  • Use SSL on all of your WordPress sites. 
  • Keep your WordPress site and everything on it up to date. 
    • WordPress core up to date
    • Plugins and themes up to date
    • Audit sites for plugins, themes and users that aren’t being used and remove them
    • Have a recent WordPress


Passwords should be between 12 and 18 characters. It should also include upper and lower case letters, along with numbers and at least one or more symbol(s). Its also highly recommended that you use a password saver program.

WVNET takes care of the rest of the Security measures needed to handle all K12 sites.

InfinitneWp is a program used to manage all of the k12 websites.
It also protects and secruers all  websites, along  with the capability to update all plugins used on K12 websites.

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